As a member of NAMS (National Aviation Museum Society), your contribution will help in the restoration and upkeep of historically significant aircraft. Continued effective support of the Museum depends on a strong national membership base. A strong base ensures appropriate contributions can be passed on to the Museum for restoration purposes.

NAMS also ensures

  • liaisons are fostered with private sector corporations related to the acquisition of aircraft;
  • assistance is provided in fund-raising endeavours and
  • the Federal Government is encouraged to provide further financial support for the Museum’s development and improvement.

NAMS_MembershipForm (Print out the form, fill it out and mail it to the address on the form)

Demande Abonnement (Imprimer le formulaire, remplisser et envoyer par la poste.)

Members receive a membership card and a family pass to the museum.

You are encouraged to support the preservation of Canada’s aviation heritage and develop the interest of Canada’s youth in aviation and its history by joining the National Aviation Museum Society. Membership in the society is only 10$. Tax receipts are issued for all donations including membership.

NAMS is a registered charity with no costs other than stationery & mailing. See our Volunteers page if you would like to become more involved in NAMS or the museum.

Thank you for your support!

Link to membership

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