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Canada Air and Space Museum
11 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa, Ontario

The Museum was originally housed in Second World War era wooden hangars on the former Rockliffe RCAF base. As the collection grew the hangars became inadequate and a number of aircraft had to be kept outside and were deteriorating in the often severe Ottawa weather. The hangars presented a significant fire risk and until the collection was housed in new fire resistant buildings there was a possibility of losing the entire collection.

Archival Photograph

Sopwith Triplane at the Ottawa National Air Museum in early 1970s.

Aircraft Displays

The Museum’s collection of aircraft and related artifacts continues to grow and the capacity of the Museum to fulfill its mandate to collect, restore and interpret the objects representing our aeronautical history remains limited.

aircraft Information

National Air and Space Museum 2012

The Museum in recent years has been increasing its attention to education and research related to its mandate. Recently classrooms have been added. Education in aircraft maintenance and flight training now take place in the Museum where cooperative arrangements have been made with flight training and technical training organizations.

National Air and Space Museum 2012

The largest aviation museum within a 500km radius, it also boasts a runway! Aircraft added to the collection can be flown in as Bombardier did with their Challenger 604 which they donated in 2005.

Visit the Canada Air and Space Museum  to find out more.
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